OSTİM Technical University

Turkey's first technical university

About OSTIM University

Founded in 2017, OSTİM Technical University is Turkey's first technical university. With its special place in Ankara, it’s easy for you as a student to go everywhere as it is located in front of the OSTİM metro station.

The university develops its programs mainly by self-financing since it is more of an applied rather than an academic university.

This University helps students in many ways and provides them with the right potentials to pursue their dreams. So, let’s see what it can do!

OSTIM University Provides education, research and application infrastructure and facilities in accordance with international standards to its students, especially in the fields of design and training with latest manufacturing systems and innovative technologies,

  • Computer Engineering (English)
  • Software Engineering (English)
  • Electronic Engineering (English)
  • Mechanical Engineering (English)
  • International Trade and Finance (English)
  • Economics (English)
  • Management Information Systems (English)
  • Industrial Engineering (Turkish)
  • Software Engineering (Turkish)
  • industrial product design (Turkish)
  • Management Information Systems (Turkish)
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)
  • Computer Engineering (Turkish)
  • Material Science & Nano Technology Engineering (English)

Why Choose OSTIM University

The English language is the primary study language so that it’ll be easier for you.

The first university to manufacture a corona virus detection kit and a local respirator.

Ostim University has become an accredited center for the international SAT exam

It includes a huge library, Sports club, technical workshops, laboratories, and 11 research centers

When you visit the technical campus and laboratories, you’ll see how this university represents modernity at its best.

The university is located in the Ostim Industrial Zone in Ankara, which includes more than 6,200 small and medium-sized companies, more than 60,000 workers in 17 different fields and 139 different production lines.

The university’s presence in the capital, Ankara, where appropriate living expenses for students, the ability to extract papers and government dealings, are easy for all bodies and ministries to be present in Ankara.

The university's partnership with the Union of Turkish Chambers of Industry, Chamber of Defense and Aviation Industries, the Chamber of Railways and Transportation Industry, and the Chamber of Medical Industries, which includes under it 100 factories for the manufacture of prosthetic organs and medical devices

What Can This University Do For You?

Gain Practical Training

Starting from the first year of study, you’ll go to the largest Turkish factories to do your practical training on a weekly basis! 

Earn A Double Major

With OSTİM Technical University, You can have Double Major in two fields, such as a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering and Economy.

Get An Internship & Part-Time Job

During the summer vacation, you get a part-time job and internship in one of the university's subsidiaries.

Training In Initiatives

By the fourth year, you’ll receive training in Initiatives. For example, Initiatives to Create a Business, Project Management, Innovation, and Investment Opportunities.

Project Support

Additionally, you can get the chance to support and implement your own project in cooperation with OSTİM Investment.

Work After Graduation

Graduates get the opportunity to work in one of the companies affiliated with the university.

International Student Exchange Program Erasmus

The university provides you with the opportunity to participate in the International Student Exchange Program Erasmus in many other European countries, in addition to its relations with the USA universities

Unique Learning Experience

It is an international trade center that includes more than 6,200 companies,  with which the university holds many partnerships with many of them, providing a practical and applied training model that enables students to live practical life experience during the years of study at the university.

Take your future to new heights

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Look What Our Students Say

"I chose Ostim Technical University because it is an internationally accredited university, and also the study language there is English language, and I advise international students to apply for Ostim University because of the low cost compared to the quality of education and the global accreditation of its degrees."

Abdul Awal from Somalia
Computer Engineering

"I have chosen Ostim University precisely because I study in English language 100%. Nevertheless, it includes many languages, such as Turkish for example ... I advise all students to apply for Ostim University because of the ease of acceptance conditions in it."

Muhammad from Yemen
Computer Engineering

"I chose Ostim University because the conditions for applying for it are easy to achieve, the study is available in English, as it is recognized in other countries, and I advise all students in Iraq who want to study abroad to come to Turkey because the conditions for applying are easy, and the cost is affordable compared to other different countries. "

Imad from Iraq
Computer Engineering

"It is a third-generation university that has the largest technical park in Turkey. As for the tuition of the college in this technical University, compared to the fees of other countries, there is a huge difference ... and my advice to all students coming from Egypt to apply for Ostim Technical University because it is an internationally accredited university."

Omar Mohamed Abdel Aziz - Egypt
Electronic electricity

"Every student who wants to study abroad, with the lowest cost and the best educational quality ... Turkey should be your first destination."

Nasser Mohamed - Egypt
Computer Engineering

"If you are a student looking for a high quality education, both applied and theoretical, various educational methods, accredited international certificates, practical training, all of this at the lowest possible cost, then your first destination should be Turkey in general, and Ostim Technical University in particular."

Anas from Egypt
Computer Engineering

It is a university that will be one of the pioneers of the national technology move by training engineers that produce the University of Industry.

Yunus afe

Being a 3rd generation university is really a great thing. We are very lucky that we will not graduate as an experienced student. 

M. Ali

University Fees

Original Price: $3000  Apply through Turkey Campus and get a DISCOUNT Pay $2250Only.